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Corporate Profile

The Philippine Resources Savings Banking Corporation (PR Savings) was founded on May 12, 1977, then known as Rural Bank of Naguilian (Isabela), Inc. Its principal office is located in Cauayan City, Isabela. Small and struggling, yet determined and aggressive, it has grown to be the biggest rural bank in Region II and one of the largest rural banks in the Philippines.

In 1990, the Bank changed its corporate name to Northern Philippines Rural Bank (Naguilian, Isabela), Inc. (“NorPhil Bank”). It again changed its name in 1996 to Philippine Rural Banking Corporation (“PR Bank”) to represent the Bank’s vision of serving the needs of farmers and small entrepreneurs in the countryside through nationwide banking. In May 2011, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas approved its upgrade from a Rural Bank to a Savings Bank.

Today, the PR Savings Bank has several Other Banking Offices strategically located in key cities and municipalities nationwide. As embodied in its Corporate Business Development Plan, the Bank aims to introduce more products and establish more branches to offer greater financial access to the countryside.


Latest data from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas website (www.bsp.gov.ph) shows that the Philippine Resources Savings Banking Corporation (PR Savings Bank) is now the 4th largest independent savings bank in the Philippines in terms of total assets. Independent savings banks are those that are not affiliated with universal and commercial banks or foreign banks.

In terms of net loans, PR Savings Bank is now the 3rd largest lender among all independent savings banks, and the 10th largest lender among all savings banks.

PR Savings Bank also ranks 3rd among all independent savings banks in terms of total capital.

Overall, PR Savings Bank is the 5th most profitable savings bank in the country, as measured by return on equity, and the 2nd most profitable among the independents. PR Savings Bank has been outperforming the rural, thrift, commercial and universal banking industry in terms of their average industry return on equity figures.



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